You Need To Know!



We had the honor of singing for the Purdue University Air Force ROTC 40th reunion banquet.  But where did those outfits come from?!?

Barbershop Goes Mainstream!


We were so excited to see this nationally running commercial.  Although it is stereotypical, it exemplifies perfectly all that is a barbershop quartet.  Four guys of various ages, showing up in the most unlikely of places, singing, and of course, the inclusion of a pun.  And to ice the cake, the shameless acknowledgement of the pun!  Absolutely perfect!  (Please note that the Tippecanotes do not endorse Toyota or RAV4 in any way. This is purely for entertainment purposes).

See it here

Oh, yes, it's Ladies' Night!


That's no lady, for sure, but it is our Barbershopper of the Year, Keith Hanthorn.   Keith was recognized during our annual Holiday Dinner, when we get to treat our significant others or guests to a night out.  Keith has been singing baritone with us for several years, and has been Music and Performance Vice President for most of those years, as well as Chapter President for many.  Congratulations to a very deserving BOTY!

You can make a difference


Did you know that our community partner, Community Cancer Network, has a food pantry?  This food is distributed to cancer patients who, because of their care, have very limited monetary resources for things like food and dry goods.  You can help.  Throw a few extra things in the cart and donate today.

I want to help