Real Men Sing!


Become a Tippecanote!

  We  are always looking for men to join our merry band of brothers-in-harmony!  No pressure, and you don't have to be able to read music!  We don't expect you to know the songs right away--just follow along as best you can. When you come to one of our rehearsals, you will be enthusiastically welcomed!


Barbershop harmony is sung in four vocal parts. If you already know  what part you sing, you will be introduced to the appropriate Section Leader. If not, you will be introduced to our Director or Vice President of Music and Performance, either of whom can help you determine your vocal part and then introduce you to the appropriate Section Leader.   Experience is nice, not required. 


After meeting your Section Leader, you will be assigned a Chorus  Mentor. This person will stand next to you during rehearsal, help you to learn about our music, and answer any questions that you may ask. He  will also ensure that you have a Guest Book, which contains the music we’re currently rehearsing.  (Due to copyright restrictions, Guest Books  may not be taken home). 


After attending at least three rehearsals, you’ll be eligible for  membership in the chapter. Auditions are held with our Vice President of  Music & Performance, our Director and/or Section Leaders to determine your level of musical experience, your ability to match and  harmonize with tones, and to confirm your vocal part. The audition is a painless process that takes about 10 minutes and is generally held during a break at rehearsal.  Upon your successful later audition and  demonstration of satisfactory knowledge of and proficiency of minimum  repertoire you can be elevated to membership in the performing chorus.  Rest assured, this is not an audition for "The Voice."  We are simply  looking for men who can carry a tune, and, as we like to sing at the end  of every rehearsal, "carry your part!" 


After completing your audition, your Section Leader will introduce  you to our Secretary, who will help you to complete the necessary  membership forms. Currently, annual dues are typically $185 (flexible  payment options can be arranged) and include Chorus, District, and Society memberships.    Members receive the bi-monthly Society magazine “The Harmonizer,” in addition to a wide  variety of other benefits.  Initial dues for first-time members are discounted at half-price as  an encouragement and welcome.  Members who are younger than 26 years  continue to receive a 50% discount on society-level dues until the age  of 26. Most uniform items are provided by the chorus, but there will be  some costs to you for non-replaceable items. 


We rehearse from 6:50 to 9:45 PM on Tuesday evenings at Christ United Methodist Church, 3610 S 18th St, Lafayette, IN, 47909.  We put on one major stage show per year in the fall and provide numerous other minor performances and activities throughout the year (which may include local travel).  Just before shows or competitions, we  typically have extra rehearsals as appropriate. Practicing your music at home is expected. Competition and quartet participation is optional.