Welcome to Tippecanotes Barbershop Chorus

We are so glad you're here!  We are a barbershop chorus located in Lafayette, Indiana.

About Us

Who We Are


 Although we are often mistaken for Straight No Chaser, in reality we are a group of young, and young-at-heart, men from a variety of backgrounds, with lots of personality who love to sing, with fun and fellowship thrown in for good measure.  Get it, "measure," as in music?   (Barbershoppers love puns!). 

What We Do


 We sing!  (Or, as one of our songs says, we "warble merrily, diddy um-bum-bum.")   Specifically, we sing the four-part, male, a cappella, close-harmony style of music known as Barbershop.  We sing not only for the sheer joy of singing, but also to bring joy to those to whom we sing. 

How We Do It


 As the saying goes, "Can you tell me how to get to Broadway?"   "Practice, practice, practice."  The best night of the week is Tuesday  night when we get together to rehearse.  We get to sing awesome music and hang with our brothers-in-song.  We would love to have you join us.   Any Tuesday night.  Lotsa places on this website to find out where and when! 

Join Us!

Yes, you can, really!

Our rehearsals are always open for you to see and hear what we're all about.  No pressure, no obligation, and you don't even have to sing until you're ready!

Christ United Methodist Church

3610 S 18th St, Lafayette, Indiana 47909, United States

Tuesday Nights

Our rehearsals run from 6:50 until 9:30.  Come in the south door on the west side.   

Drop us a line!